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OldNavy.com & Gap.com "Get More, Save More" Coupons 10/20 - 10/22


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I can't believe it...I just placed an order on Saturday and I got confirmation that it was shipping this morning. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm so bummed as these coupons would have saved me over $10. Ugg....

Maybe you can re-buy your items and use the code. Then return the order that has no discount at your local old navy?? Thats what I would do.

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Are Gap & Old Navy connected (ie can I use gift cards from either one at the other)?

They changed the way shipping works for the 3 companies now. You can add them to your cart and get on price shipping for all 3 places. I don't know if the giftcards have changed but I do know that I can use Old Navy giftcards at the Gap but I cannot use Gap giftcards at Old Navy. The Gap gc's say only redeemable at gap, gap outlet or gap .com, but the old navy gc's list gap, old navy, and banana republic so they can be used on any order. If you're using the gc online it shouldn't matter since the shipping has all been revamped.

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