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$10 Off Your Purchase of $30 or More @ AmericanGirl.com


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Thank you :) I just used it to order a couple things for Christmas.


sjohnson - when you are placing your order there will be a place to add the code right above your credit card/payment info. Hope that helps.


Or you can add it earlier - place items in your shopping bag - then pull up your shopping bag, look to the upper right and their is a box to place your promotional code.

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thanks I was waiting to order some christmas presents because we are getting a store in nov, but even with shipping, this saved me a couple bucks on a few things (I had to do two seperate orders) and dd is done now for christmas. My family is going together to get my cousins little girl the bitty baby starter sets and they are 10.95 to ship, but I am still contemplating paying the extra .95 to save me the trouble of going to the mall. Edited by gopher02
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Thanks so much for the code!! My daughter is a huge AG fan and I had been waiting to buy some stuff. I ended up buying 5 separate $30 purchases. It was just enough to cancel out the shipping and tax.


I never see codes for AG.


Thanks again!

Did the same thing. Made sure after the code my balance was under $25 so shipping was only $4.95 (no tax in PA)that way I saved $5.05 on each order.

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bumping again - Maybe it is my imagination but I think they have reduced some of their sale prices more and there are several combinations of items that can add up to exactly $30....so then your order ends up being $25 including shipping and using the above coupon. I just got some adorable stuff for DD, including a matching Spring Picnic doll/girl outfit, all from clearance. Also, they just added some web only specials on multi-item doll sets for the 8+ dolls, just like QVC has been doing...




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