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Buy.com says no PO Boxes!!!

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In your area is there a UPS store or a Mailboxes Etc? Sometimes that's an option instead of a PO box. I had a UPS store box in Florida and my address was like a regular address. xxxx S Congress Ave #xxx, City, State, zip


Or can you get rural mail delivery? We had those when I lived out in the boonies in Oklahoma.

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I feel your pain, and they are not the only one. too make it worse my physical address and my PO box are not in the same town.


I've been to the PO, and explained the problem and here is how I solve it - works some of the time....



123 Main St Apt B593

East No Where, blah blag


the 123 is the physical st address and the apt is my box #.... there are only 3 people that work in the PO ... they know me... assuming the mail makes it that far.


123 Main St apt b569 is not in the postal data base... so some things don't make it this far. it sux.

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