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DEAD: Metallica new cd & t-shirt $5/each @ Hot Topic


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How is this not posted yet?


Hot Topic (today only I think) the new Metallica cd "Death Magnetic" is $5, a t-shirt is also $5. The "Day That Never Comes" single is $3.


This is not advertised anywhere - you have to go to the store to get it. The store doesn't even have any signs up. I just got back with my stuff after driving clear across town on my lunch break.


I'm now rockin' out in my office :jump3:


Dead - prices have gone up to regular prices, sale was only Friday, Sept. 12th.

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I'd call them back and ask them to make sure. All Hot Topics in the U.S. should be $10 for both. Canada ones are higher I've heard. Technically they're keeping it real hush-hush so they aren't supposed to tell you the price unless you're in the store and ask.
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