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Vera Bradley @ TJ Maxx

Dena Neal

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I've been trying to be good and limit my shopping -- so tell me if I'm behind the time or now.. but I was at TJ Maxx yesterday and in the area right by shoes that has makeup, perfume, sunglasses, etc -- they had VERA BRADLEY stuff. Nothing big -- it looked like just the small stuff like makeup cases, curling cases, wallets -- and it was the last set of retired colors. I was looking for anything like that so I didn't even bother to look at the price. UGH!! I'm losing my shopping touch -- anyway -- I just to spread the work and see if anyone else has seen anything like this??
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I was at TJ Maxx this morning. They had classic black, medallion, pink, and true blue (or true navy -- can't remember that name). They had hipsters, mini-hipsters, cosmetic bags (small, medium and large), slippers, wallets, and Katies purses. The hipster was $29, the mini-hipster $25 and the cosmetic bags were $15 - $20.
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