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Disney Pix Digital Picture Frame, $29.99 at Target!


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Target has this on sale until 9/1/08 for $29.99 (usually $74.99)...they have 2 kinds, pink box for girls w/hannah montana and tinkerbell, and a blue box for boys with (i think) cars (I have a girl, so i didnt pay much attention to the boys one). I don't know how to link a picture of this, but it's pretty cool. ages 5+
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This is the link to Amazon.com for this frame...same one is the one at Target. Dunno about the quality, just opened the box to check it out...I actually like the pink digital picture frame from Walmart.com that I got better .http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=8668691

...but i think that's a preference thing. HTH

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