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Black Friday T-Shirt Color Poll


What color shirt?  

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  1. 1. What color shirt?

    • Black
    • Navy Blue
    • Pink
    • White

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I live in a cold area I need a sweatshirt, tshirts dont cut it in the cold. Pink sweatshirt would be fine too;)

I live in the cold as well, but would wear underarmour or a turtleneck underneath!!! I would love to display my love for BF!:smart:

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Thanks for the input.


Unfortunately, if this whole shirt thing happens we probably won't do an option of pink shirts.


The choice is basically to have either a choice of sizes or a choice of colors. We can't have both or I'd have 12-18 different size/color combinations and that's just too much for a shirt that will be given away for the most part. Plus with the limited number of shirts being ordered it would be very likely that anyone's exact size/color combination would be gone very quickly.


So it's looking like one color (likely black to go along with the Black Friday theme) but there will be a choice of sizes, which I'm sure you all would appreciate more than having a choice of colors but them all being the same size.


Thread closed.

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