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Gymboree Circle Of Friends Time


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I have them sent directly to me or my manager shows me the pictures, the pictures used to be in full color but aren't anymore...maybe you can google them and see them I don't know...I don't think I am allowed to share them, sorry :(

Do you work there?


I know they sent out that brochure with the future lines. i just can't remember which line is next and which comes out in September. I do remember some very dark, rich plaids that were nice. For girls atleast:)

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Thanks for the link. I just wished it specified which age group each was for. I am loving the brown and polka dots and the kitty knee highs are to die for. I received a preview catalog through my email. This link had tons more than the preview catalog showed. It's nice to know Gymbucks will be starting at the same time.


As again, I will be getting into tons of trouble buying my DD more clothes, but I just can't pass it up.

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