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Vera Bradley Fall Outlet Sale - first week of October


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Just gathered the rest of the info. The dates are Oct. 2-4. Admission is free everyday you will probably have to pay parking though. Hours are 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday and on Saturday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


I'm excited for this - hello Christmas presents (for me!);)

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OMG..another sale!!! I may just be in fort Wayne for DD have baby #3 (girl). I had so much fun last sale..and I have been wearing my one purse all summer..one thing that I thought was so neat..at the last sale, there were brides to be, shopping for bridesmaid's gifts and shower prizes.
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I thought I bought enough to get me thru Christmas this year.... but I have gone thru alot for teacher presents and Birthday presents. I boguht alot of those $5.00 organizer but only have 2 left. Not sure if I can go during the fall sale... I always particiapte in a pumpkin festival the same weekend..
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I woke up this morning w/ full intentions to go, somehow I talked myself out of it!!! Prolly a good idea, I would have had to go by myself, it's about 1 1/2 hr drive, & I don't really need any..I would have been impulse buying w/ noone to talk me out of it...scary thought:eek:


My girlfriend wants to go up on Sunday though...so I would like to hear from someone that went....I'm sure they have something I need!!;);)

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ok everyone I found this on another website and thought I would go ahead and post it... I haven't yet decided if i am going I am really thinking about going on sunday and that is really awsome that they had new colors!!! yay!! ok so here's the info from the other site


//discountfabrichandbags. com /blog/


I just returned from the Fall 2008 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, and below you will see the price list. I typed it out while watching the VP debate, so I will apologize now for any typos (I’m not the best at multi-tasking).


Just a few comments about this sale. First, well…it ROCKED! The selection and prices seemed better than what I have seen in the past, and I was surprised at how many 2008 fabric patterns were available: Puccini, Frankly Scarlett, Night Owl, Raspberry Fizz, Yellow Bird. Of course, there were also plenty of recently retired patterns.


The prices were really good too! It seemed in the past that most items were 40% off. I think at this sale the majority of items were 50% off and more, and that’s just the first day of the sale. As it goes along, and especially by Sunday, the prices will drop even more.


My personal top “bargain hunter” pick - the Vera Bradley silk scarves. They normally retail for $40.00, but at the sale they were only $5.00! I stocked up, to say the least.


Well, enough chit chat. Here’s the list!




Amy $12

Baby Bag $46

Backpack (all sizes) $42

Backsack $22

Betsy $37

Bitty Betsy $12

Bowler $36

Bucket Tote $29

Cargo Sling $36

Curvy Tote $25

Handbag $25

Hipster $27

Hobo $24

Katie $14

Large Tic Tac Tote $28

Libby $29

Lindsay $27

Little Betsy $34

Lola $20

Maggie $19

Messenger $32

Metro $32

Mini Hipster $23

Molly $18

On The Go $38

Sherry $19

Small Tic Tac Tote $28

Tall Zip Tote $34

Tie Tote $24

Tote $22

Vera $36

Village $36




Garment Bag $52

Luggage Tag $2

Miller Bag $40

Satchel $38

Super Tote $34




Bow Cosmetic - Large $14

Bow Cosmetic - Medium $11

Bow Cosmetic - Small $9

Cosmetic - Large $14

Cosmetic - Medium $11

Cosmetic - Small $9

Belt (All Styles) $7

Brush & Pencil $9

Cell Phone Case $10

Checkbook Cover $9

Clip Zip ID $6

Coin Purse $8

Cool Keeper $11

Curling Iron Cover $10

Ditty Bag $15

Eyeglass Case (All Styles) $9

Hanging Organizer $24

Julie (Sateen) $28

Laptop Case $15

Mini Zip Waller $15

Out To Lunch $15

Paperback Cover $6

Pocket Wallet (All Styles) $12

Purse Cosmetic $12

Readers Case $4

Sash $4

Silk Scarf $5

Travel Cosmetic $19

Travel Organizer $10

Tune Case $10

Umbrella $12

Wallet with Strap $21

Watch (All Styles) $20

Wristlet $12

Zip ID Case $6




Cargo Hobo $32

Colette $15

Double Kisslock Wallet $18

Large Toggle $35

Margie $25

Shoulder Bag $24

Small Toggle $18




Long Sleeve Tee $6

Short Sleeve Tee $5

Pet Collars and Leashes $4

PJ Pant $12

PJ Short $10

Slippers with Pouch $8




Beach Towel $20

Coastal Cosmetic $11

Golf Glove $6

Port Tote $34

Racquet Cover $16

Seaside Hat $11

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today they only had marked down the following:


Backpack $30

BackSack $15

Bowler $25

Curvy Tote $15

Large Tic Tac Tote $20

Lindsay $20

Lola $15

Messenger $20

Small Tic Tac Tote $20

Satchel $30

Watch $15

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If you goo to Majic 95.1 website... w a j i . c o m (sorry I haven't been here long enough to post links) you can print off the $25.00 off of $100.00 coupon...

It is in the middle of the page in a box look for the Vera Coupon Link



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Hipsters 24

Cargo Slings 22

Bucket Tote 20

Bowlers 20

Villager 28

Curvy 15

Large Tic Tac 15

Tote 15

Wristlets 8

Backpacks (any size) 15

Sherry 12

Lola 12


A fair amount of Rasp Fizz, Java Blue, PWP, Daisy Daisy, Kens, Camb. Plenty of Yellow Bird, MR, Bot. Some Riv Blue, Medallion, Petal Pink, Windsor Navy. A little bit of Seaside. Still plenty of beach towels.

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