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what type of tv to buy? plasma/lcd hdtv/dlp hdtv?

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I am looking to buy a new large screen tv-like 52" or larger. i am not sure where to start? which picture quality would be better the plasma , lcd hdtv , or dlp hdtv? also what brand is a reliable and quality? and finally where to buy?

we're doing the same thing only a little smaller and so far we have been told to stay away from the plasma, and to go with 1080p not the 720p, and that the Sony Bravia is really good but we're still looking

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i bought a samsung lcd tv 2 months ago and i love it! i got a 46" at circuit city but they price matched sears who did not have it in stock. it has a very good picture and is not an energy hog. plasma is supposed to have a better picture but the higher electric bills and with my old eyes the lcd is perfect for me. do get 1080p if you can-
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my sister just ordered a sony 46"




They are having TAX FREE days at Circuit City for yesterday and today (August 9-10). It is on sale and saved her the 8.25% sales tax. My sister tried to get a tv on Black Friday 07 but couldn't get one of the sales prices they were all out. But with not paying the tax we felt this was as good of a deal for her.


My son said to make sure we get 1080P although I'm not sure most people would know the difference between 720 and 1080. But 1080P is supposed to be the best. And you do not want plasma. And it had something to do with a light or a tube or something that goes out and can't be replaced or was really expensive to replace or something whatever it was after he started talking plasma I kinda tuned it out because it was mostly negative. What ever it was it doesn't last as long. And it is more expensive.

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