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Looking for Bathroom Vanity Mirrors...

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We are taking down the huge mirror that is in our Master Bath, above our double

sink, and replacing it with 2 mirrors. (one above each sink basin)

If anyone knows of any really good deals on these, with either no shipping or Pick-up

at the store, I would be eternally grateful. :D



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We've done both.

We bought a great mirror (very large wood frame) from IKEA. You really can use any framed mirrors in your bathroom. I know people find them at TJ Maxx, etc. I love the ones at Pottery Barn but refuse to pay the price. I've also seen a lot of new nice ones on Craigslist. We live in Phoenix and a lot of builders list extras under the materials section.


We've also built mirrors. I think to make them look nice you need to be able to use a router (sp?), so the mirror can set inside the trim on the back of the mirror (not sure if this makes sense).

Hope this helps a little.

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I am currently looking for the same thing. The best deal I have found so far is Lowes. They have a really nice Mahogony Mirror




That seems like a pretty good deal compared to Pottery Barn and other places I've looked.


In my downstairs bath, I had an older (kinda 80s) oak mirror. I re-stained it to match my vanity. It turned out REALLY nice. I"ve had so many compliments (and that would NOT have happened with the 80s oak).


Have you found any decent deals on lights? I have the "hollywood lights" now that have those big bulbs...they need to go.


I'm ordering cabinet knobs from Ebay. They combine shipping so the prices work out to be really inexpensive compared to Lowes, Great Indoors, and Home Depot. And all the other design centers I've looked at.

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I have 3 bathrooms. I found mirrors on sale at Hobby Lobby and Kirklands for my 2 of them. But, the builder told us we could buy mirrored glass(way cheap) and frame them with crown molding. He showed us several huge homes like this and it looked really nice. Plus, it saves alot of money.

I ended up framing one of my kids bathroom mirror with mirrored glass. I really like it.

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Thanks for the tip about the Router. :)

I think DH is going to try and make one and see how it goes.

In the meantime, i'll still keep my eye out for a deal.

Are you going to try and use your existing big mirror to cut down? Do you know what steps he's planning on using to do this? I was trying to talk my husband into trying it. He does all sorts of work around our house. But he's never cut mirrors, so if I he had a method to try, he may be willing to do it especially since we have a big mirror we are never going to use.


Thanks for any help you could give. :yup:


I went into the Home Good Area of TJ Maxx yesterday they had a lot of mirrors around $79.99 for pretty big ones. This one didn't have what I was looking for. But I plan on trying another Home Good too.

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