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keeping north face clean

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I don't have ivory but I have NF jackets in pink, light blue, and light grey. They wash and wear very well. If it is a waterproof type fabric, you can get stuff at the outdoor store (EMS, REI, etc.) to redo that. However, I wouldn't put it in my washing machine. It can make a funky coating in there. The waterprof material in the fabric is generally good for about 25 washes on most good quality products like North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Arc Teryx, etc. My kids have North Face Denali's and they have no stains. One of them is 6 years old and worn by two little boys for a total of 4 or 5 years so far and it still looks very usable.


(My hubby's a crazy mountaineer and we have a thing for coats here, so this is a topic near and dear to our hearts, lol.)

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I love the North Face jackets b/c they do wash so well. Sometimes I need to wash them weekly, and they still look good. It's one jacket that is worth every penny. By the way, we have the Denali style of jackets. It is more of a fleece-like feel.
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