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Anyone know the markdown schedule for Bed Bath & Beyond???

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I'm new to shopping for home goods and have only one home store by me, BBB. I know the scoop with the never expiring coupons and that you can use up to five at once, but I'm trying to figure out the rhyme and reason behind their markdowns.


Firstly, I'm wondering if there's a specific day of the week or month where they mark down clearance items. Secondly, I'm wondering if things get marked down more than once. In my limited experience, I've noticed that there are some things which apparently get marked down once, and if they don't sell at that price, they end up being whisked away after a while with no further markdowns. Is this true for everything? Is there only one markdown and gone or do some some things keep dropping?


I recently bought a great down comforter from them which was originally $600, but after markdown and coupon, I got it for $151 after tax. I've now got my eye on a duvet cover and some sheets which are 40% off and now I'm wondering if I should act or if I should wait for a further markdown.


When I worked in a department store, things would get marked down over and over, on a regular schedule, until they sold, but I've seen entire walls of merchandise at BBB get marked down once, and then when they still didn't sell, just vanish.


So does anyone know how things work there?



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I know that they will mark down their holiday clearance a couple of times. It seems like they will have clearance stuff there for a looooooong time compared to other stores that would have marked it down again & again already. And there seems to be stuff that never goes on sale. And here you can use as many coupons as you have items, I've never heard of a limit of 5.
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