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Wii PLUS Wii Fit 99 CENTS @ Houston 99 Cent Only Store Friday


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Dang, I'd like to know when we are gonna get some of those here in Georgia:eyepoppin

We used to have a store called Little Bucks...it was a .99 store. They all closed a few years ago tho :( When the one in GAinesville opened, they did TVs, DVD players, Ipods, etc for .99. I spent about 36 hrs in line, only to be the NEXT person :( The 1st person therewaited 3 days I believe. I was pretty mad, cuz they didnt limit the # you could buy. So needless to say, one guy got all teh TVs...grrrrr. I was able to get milk at .99 that day, lol, which was still a deal, but yeah....

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