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Spotz Maker w/Bonus Accessory Pack $6.94 shipped Walmart.com. Was $24.87


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Product description

Be cool. Be creative. Be yourself. That’s the premise behind this spiffy contraption that lets its users make buttons to adorn, trade, or collect. The creation of the Spotz themselves is pretty low tech: cut out a small square of paper with the image you want; slide it into the machine; push down on the purple lever to punch the image out as a circle; slide the circular image into the button area and twist. Voila! In three simple steps you have created a personalized Spotz, roughly the size of a fifty cent piece. And every original orb can be used to accessorize your backpack, book covers, photo frames, and more.


But then things really get interesting -- and interactive. Zizzle has created an entire online world for Spotz makers to visit, where they can share creations, print new images, get downloads, and play games. (Of course, it’s also a place where they can tell you about all of the other Spotz stuff that you can purchase separately.) While this kit comes with everything needed to make 30 new Spotz, that isn’t nearly enough for some creative types. Their website features a large selection of images that can be printed at home in a wide variety of genres, such as sports, astronomy, flowers, bugs, holidays, sassy sayings, and many more

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What ages do you think this might be for? I bought one on clearance at Target that I've been holding onto for one of my nieces. The one I had in mind for it is turning 9. She loves crafty things.

When I did a search on Amazon people that wrote reviews listed ages that ranged from 5 to 12. All said the kids loved it. They did say the accessories were hard to find so you might want to spend another $5 for the extra. The description on WalMarts site says it is a 3 pks so that should be 60 extras.


I ordered the set and extra pkg for my granddaughter that will be 9.

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