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Good deal on laptop?

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I actually just bought the laptop in the second link last week or the week before at Best Buy for that same price but with out having to do the mail in rebate. I really like it, it's my first Vista computer so I'm still getting used to it, but overall I'm really liking it.
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Advice for getting a new laptop: IF Your Going To Run Vista You -Have- To Have At Least 2gb Of RAM To Be Comfortable. Otherwise just running the operating system is going to slow your computer down... not to mention the programs you'll be using.
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I disagree with NEEDing 2 gigs. If you're doing minimal things on a laptop running Vista, 1gb is suitable.

Agreed. My Dell Latitude D630 runs Windows Vista Bitness just fine with 1.5GB RAM.


If I ever get around to removing the keyboard I'll pop out the 512MB and replace it with 1GB.

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Is this a decent deal?


Toshiba Satellite® Notebook Computer with Intel® Centrino® processor technology

SAVE $200. Office Depot® Exclusive.


After $25 Instant & $175 Mail-In Savings

( In Store Price $774.99)

thru Jun 7



Intel® Centrino® Processor

3 GB memory

Power and performance featuring Core 2 Duo processor

• Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5550

• 3GB DDR2 memory

• 160GB hard drive

• Reads and writes dual layer DVDs & CDs with LabelFlash™

• Integrated webcam and microphone

• Windows Vista® Home Premium with Service Pack 1

• Integrated 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN

• 15.4" TruBrite™ widescreen

Model A205-S5855



Or are there better alternatives?

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