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B1G1 free webkinz $13.20 for 2 @limitedtoo.com


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I thought they shipped free but it isn't showing up free shipping now....hmmmm.



Select ones only.


Enter code 754 for 25% off.



Polar Bear Webkinz Plush


Black And White Cat Webkinz Plush


Cocker Spaniel Webkinz Plush


Yorkie Webkinz Plush


Leopard Webkinz Plush


Pig Webkinz Plush


Poodle Webkinz Plush


Black Bear Webkinz Plush


Elephant Webkinz Plush


Hippo Webkinz Plush


Frog Plush Webkinz

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I am being charged shipping which makes mine $22.57.

How did you get it shipped for that price????

I thought it said free shipping somewhere and now I'm not finding it. I'm trying to see if I can find a code somewhere.

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