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**DEAD** $10 off $10 candle @ Illuminations.com


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I got the 10452058 Mini Bordeaux Scented, although I don't know if it is still available. I think these things are going fast because it took me a minute to get a confirmation #/email.


When you look at the page, a lot of the 'mini jar' candles are the $10 ones.

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It is charging me $5.95 for shipping.



10452047 Large Oak Forest Scented Jar Candle 1 $10.97 $10.00 $0.97




Congratulations - You Saved $10!


Subtotal: $0.97


Shipping: $5.95


Tax: $0.06




Total: $6.98

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Was this a one-day special? I see that your initial post was dated yesterday, and when I saw it today and tried, nothing happened.


I've found a $10 candle, I entered the coupon code that you posted, and it's still charging me full price: $10 + $5.95 shipping.


I don't get it?!

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A friend and myself each got in on this deal. She used my email address as she isn't online much. I got one notice that they had cancelled the order because it was an incorrect coupon and offering me their new coupon code. I have no idea which order it's for. However, I sent them an email that once they recognized it was their error they should do something better than that. But I didn't really "need" another candle... lol
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