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Target Pantene/Perfect 10 Gift Card Deal thread

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does anybody know if the beautiful lengths product is included in this deal? i have coupons for 1.50 off a bottle and thought that it might be a good deal........but if its not included im not stopping at target


As far as I understand and have seen the deal, it is on specially marked Pantene. (They have a smaller bonus attached to them.)


Beautiful Lengths is a brand new product and I have not seen it in the specially marked Pantene nor with a bonus bottle.

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So thanks to everyone's help, I went to Target today in Riverdale and tried to do the Perfect 10 deal.


I only had a $2 off coupon. I went on line and bought one with it, and for some reason the coupon wasn't coming up on the system. The cashier just did a K1 to accept it anyway and I got my $5 giftcard.


Went back on line and did it again with a 2nd box - $2 coupon, and same issue with coupon! This time a different cashier, she went on and on about how maybe the coupon wasn't supposed to work since I was getting a GC already out of the deal! I told her that I know others have successfully used the coupon and in fact I had no problems in a prior purchase. I said the other cashier did a "K1" to accept the coupon. She went off at me on how only managers can press "K1" and she isn't allowed to and I AM GETTING A $5 GC!!! And then she went on to say how SHE CAN READ. I'm like...umm..I was just telling you what happened last time. She kept bringing up about the $5 GC. Seemed like she just couldn't stand I was getting something already and wanted another $2 off. She finally just pressed "K1" and gave it to me, but still kept going on and on after the transaction was done. What a .... :eyepoppin


Just wondering if anyone else had any problems with their $2 coupon at the register.


So after that, I used the second GC to get a pack of $3.50 sale family size Lays Potato Chips ..needed some comfort food after that lecture!!! :cheesy:

That was totally uncalled for, it's none of her business what you're getting for free, it's not like it's coming out of her pocket. I hope u got her name... I would talk to the manager if I were you. We're supposed to be treated as "Guests" not like thieves :no:

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