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NexxTech AAA Batteries 12pk $1.91, AA 48pk $3.64 CircuitCity.com [store pickup only]


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NexxTech AAA Batteries (12-Pack) $1.91 CircuitCity.com [store pickup only].





NexxTech AA Alkaline Batteries - 48-Pack $3.64



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Wow. What could you guys possibly need all those batteries for???? :P I would have no idea :D


This is a really good deal. Too bad my dh got mad last time we were in Circuit City and doesn't want to give them any $$.





BTW....great avatar Kim! :D

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Thanks! I just picked up 2 packs of each. DS has a ton of toys that are always in need of batteries and the new Zen MP3 player that I got from the one day sale from Creative Labs for DH for Father's day will need them too! ;)
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My local Circuit City called shortly after I placed my order to tell me that they did not have any AA in stock only AAA. My credit card was already charged, so they had to process my refund, which may take up to 48hrs. :no:
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