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Need assistance

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Hello everyone. I am in need of assistance to win the best photo in our local newspaper.

Below is a link that will take you to the page to vote for my DD just turning 1 years old this Friday.


If you click on the link, goto the second page and look for the picture title "Helping With The Pumpkin" It has my DD in a monkey costume. Click on the picture and check the Vote as the best check box. If you want you can also leave a comment. I'm trying to surprise my wife for Mother's Day in having our DD be the Best in the photo contest.


I hope this isn't against the rules to post, if so I truly apologies.




Thank you everyone for your assistance!


Oh and if you close your browser all the way out and open it back up again you can vote again :cheesy:.


Thanks again!

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voted - looks like vote wise #8's the only one giving you any competition - good luck!

Yeah I know...I was winning as of last night but she must have been online all night voting cause when I woke up she was up a couple of hundred votes :(


Thank you for voting.

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