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Help needed! Votes please!?

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I have entered my daughter into a contest on a local radio station. It is www.wlit.com and its for the title of "Chicagolands Most Huggable Baby" There are only two weeks worth of voting left and they pick a semi-finalist each week. Its obviously a popularity contest and since I dont have a lot of family-friends I was wondering if GottaDeal members would help me out. I'm on this forum alot and keep my eyes peeled for any deal but usually the ones I get are already posted.


Heres the thing, I have almost 23 votes a day from family and friend and last week it wasn't enough to put her in the finalist. I could really use the prize $ and I would love to have a kid named most huggable in our metro-area. To vote you just need a valid email. You would go to the site, click on the contest, and look for her under "C" and her name is Cielo C. Shes I beleive number 14 on the pictures. You click the link below the arrows to vote and go to C again then find her and click the circle below her name & picture. Then just type your email into the area below at the bottom of the page. It will confirm your email is true by sending you a link to click to confirm your vote then thats it. You can vote 1x daily per email address so I do it 3xs. Also, if you vote you may have to clear your cookies to vote again under a different email.


I know its a long shot but I thought I'd try. If you can help it would be great appreciated!!!

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Thank you to everyone who is voting and will vote!


Please dont forget this is daily! If you cant do it I understand we all have our own lives and family. I just wanted to let you know though.


Semi-Finalists are picked on Tuesday at noon their picture is posted on the contest page...Thank you all!!!

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Not anymore for this week! Hopefully she makes it to Semi-Finals! If not I have 1 more week to get as many votes as I can to get her into the last week of Semi-Finals...if she doesn't make it its over. If she does then its Voting one last week on the 4 top babies and hopefully she is one! Please keep watching this post I will keep you all posted unless you guys want to watch yourself but I'll let you know tomorrow at noon if your efforts helped her make it. ***Fingers crossed***!! Im so nervous...


Her grandmother said if she doesnt make it this week she will vote under 100 emails each day. Shes already doing over 30emails a day. If not this thing is rigged!

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