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Baskin Robbins 31 Cent Night 4/30


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The long line here went really fast. I think if you go to the Baskin Robbins website that you can put in your zip code & find out who's participating. A couple years ago you got 1 scoop, last year they let us get 2 scoops, this time they said that we could get as many as we wanted. The scoops were small, but it was still worth it.
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Our store only let us get one scoop, because the store manager (who is always a jerk) said so.

I was ticked off, because it clearly states on teh website 10 SCOOPS PER PERSON PER PURCHASE.

I hope that other stores made a lot more money for the firefighters than this store did! I saw a group of 30 college kids leave, and I didn't purchase everything I came in there for (20 scoops, 2 milkshakes, 1 iced coffee and a dozen donuts from the attached Dunkin Donuts).


Very dissappointing that managers will still put the bottom line in front of charity.

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