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Online Fruit Orders

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My FIL used to send us fruit every month, but I don't remember the company.

After getting severl cartons of half-rotten fruit, I finally decided to call the

company to let them know. They were really nice and happily replaced it.

I exchanged my rotten fruit for a cheesecake! So if you do end up with bad

fruit, call the company and see if they will send out a replacement.

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I havent bought from this place online, but I've been to their orchard and bought directly.




a friend of mine swears by Cushman's www.honeybell.com


We have used Cushmans and those honeybell oranges are amazing. they only sell them

for an extremely limited time...less than a month once a year.

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Did any of you ever see the episode of Everybody loves Raymond when Ray gets his

Mom the fruit of the month club and they send her pears. She is absolutely freaking

out with what she is going to do with all these pears and then she finds out they will

send her more fruit each month/ I thought it was hysterical. Ray tells her it is a club

and she thinks he says a cult and she is frantic!! That show is too funny

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