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Sear's Essential clearance sales


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Today I was in a town about 50 miles from where I live and I went in a Sear's Essentials store (used to be a K-mart) and I found some wonderful clearance deals. The clothes were ticketed with a clearance price of about 50% off and then all clearance had an additional 75% off the sticker price. I got older boys pants for $3.25 and some women's winter snap down sweat shirts for $3.00. They had tons of stuff and with the additional 75% off everything is a great deal. I don't know how many of these stores are around, this is the only one I have seen and only the second time I have been in it. One woman told me they have these great prices every year. Maybe if someone else has a Sears Essentials store near them they will know more about them. Anyway, if you have one near you, check it out. Great Christmas shopping for Christmas '08!

We had to delay our Community Easter egg hunt this year because Easter was so early and we still had over a foot of snow on the ground so I also got Easter stuff at 90% off and we will use it at our Spring egg hunt next week.

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Thanx OP! I took my niece. She went nuts over all the clearanced Cheetah Girls items. As low as $1.40 :eek:


Watch out for Lisa Frank novelty items in the party ailse. I picked up a few on clearnce that were $.25 but the scanned $.11. Some Items weren't even marked and were $.11. I bught enough for party gift bags, stocking stuffers, and next easter. :)

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"Sears Essential" stores are what used to be K-mart. I was in a K-mart/Sears store today and all the kids clearance clothes were $1.99 while the adult were either $1.99 or $2.99 except for winter coats which were $5 for adults and $3.99 for kids. There were some really nice pieces of clothes. There seemed to be a lot of nice bargains in the store but my husband was waiting patiently so I had to rush. If you have a K-mart now K-mart/Sears or Sears Essentials check it out!
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