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Looking for a Nice Toy Box

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Thanks a lot, that looks like the perfect kind!


Really I am not pickey on colors...I have a girl so it could be pink or more of the basic colors.


I would like to spend under $100, of course the cheaper the better.


I am not really sure of a size, are those little tykes ones a decent size?


Does anyone also know if those ever go on sale or would it be better to just buy it now?


Thanks for all of your help, I really apprecaite it (and so does my daughter:D)

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I am looking for a plastic toy box for my daughter, any suggestions??


Definitely check your local craigslist before ordering new.


We have this one:




I love how the lid just slides back into the toy box.


We also have this one:




And this one:



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We use a couple of rubbermaid totes as toyboxes. They are cheap and we can rotate them out so they don't get tired of the same toys. The price that they want for some of the large ones like Little Tykes is ridiculous.
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Thanks, I went to TJMaxx and bought the little tikes one for 39.99, what a great deal! It's the same one they have on the website with the little storage containers on the bottom.



THANKS TO EVERYONE, my daughter is thankful!:)

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