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Cheapest place for 300 Martini glasses

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are they for service at the reception or for favors?


I know a bride who was talking about how she was searching for small short vases and she bought them from dollar tree. I don't see martini glasses but they have wine glasses:





12 per case, 8oz martini glass. 39.95



24 per case, 5.7oz martini glass. 78.07


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as for other money saving ideas, depends on the type of wedding. is there a reason why they're purchasing the martini glasses instead of renting or using the venues?


Thanks! I'll pass on the info. Actually my Aunt is friends with the father of the bride and she called and asked if I had ideas. My reception included everything so I did not think to ask why they were buying the glasses. Not really sure what the situation is but I will mention renting them.


Thanks so much!!


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www.discountmugs.com has them blank for just over $2 each but then there's shipping:eek:


Also found some at Kohl's on sale(they're cute too!) 4pk for $10.19 and if you find a coupon code or use a Kohl's charge you may be able to save even more and the shipping seems more reasonable.

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