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Disney Princess Mix Max Flowers3 Digital Media Player - Now $30 ($88) @ Walmart.com


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Disney Princess Mix Max Flowers 3 Digital Media Player

this deal taken from gottadeal.com


Now $30.00 Was $88.72

Free Site-to-Store Shipping :)




Disney Princess Mix Max Flowers 3 Digital Media Player:


* 512MB built-in memory holds up to 240 songs or 6 hours of video

* Unit plays video (WMV), audio (WMA/MP3) and picture (JPEG) files

* Expandable to 2GB via SD card slot

* Stereo earbuds included

* Includes built-in rechargeable battery

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Wow, that's a great deal! I just paid $35 a piece for two @ Graveyardmall and $5 shipping. :(

awesome, thanks! i also ordered the white tinkerbell from graveyard mall, but this is $10 cheaper (w/site to store shipping) and will make a great gift!

You guys still got a great deal at Graveyard Mall since Walmart still have the Tinkerbell for $89.72

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My store LOST ours :( They refunded our $, but my DD6 was SO dissappointed! Of course it was way too late to try to reorder...not that Walmart cared so much (they made us come into the store 3 times and held us on the phone for 50min!). After all that they finally did refund our $ and gave us a $30 gift card for our trouble. Still not enough to buy another one...but we found a Hannah one on ebay for $48.50 in the end...should come in this week (cross your fingers!)
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