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Crazy 8 huge markdowns, free shipping and 20% off


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Ty.. took me a while to place an order pages where loading very very slowly. Then the checkout timed out on me and I had to start over. But I did get my order placed, used the code, and got some great deals.
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they woudln't do a price adjustment for me:(. if the stuff is still there im just going to rebuy and return then.. its like a $14 difference in my order. i know i can ship it back for less then that.

They wouldn't for me either which I think is horrible, I bought the stuff two days before, come on. I love their stuff andf prices, but I will think twice about shopping there again because of their horrible customer service. Anyway, I reordered and I am just going to refuse the first package when it comes (that is what the second customer service person I talked to said to do aviod paying shipping)

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