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Lelli Kelly shoes / TV commercial

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I had never heard of these before, but they keep showing a commercial for Lelli Kelly shoes lately and of course, both my DDs want a pair. "They come with makeup too, Mama!" :rolleyes:


I searched around and these shoes are expensive, around $60-80 a pair! This is way more than I normally spend on a pair of kids shoes, and I'm wondering why they are advertising for these on TV.


Anyone know anything more about these shoes? Are they available cheaper anywhere else?

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This one is available at Amazon for $19.49 with FSS but only in the size 7M. My DD is into Kitson LA shoes which are just a little bit cheaper.




they are back up to 6x.xx again.


I am glad I am not alone in this boat. I refuse to spend that kinda $$ on the ugly shoes that she will out grow very fast. The only upside it it seems on ebay the resale amount is pretty good but my dd will be Lelli Kelly shoeless!

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