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Sunbeam Rocket Grill - Now $49.99 (was $119.99) @ Kohls.com


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Sunbeam Rocket Grill


Was $119.99

Now $49.99


# Quick grill time cooks most fresh foods in 3 to 8 minutes and frozen foods in 8 to 12 minutes.

# Parchment grilling pouches channel fat and grease away from your food to a reservoir, while locking in natural flavors.

# Disposable pouches never touch the grilling plates, so cleaning is supereasy — just toss the mess away.

# Cool-touch exterior allows for safe, easy handling.

# Ready signal indicates when it's hot and ready to use.

# Includes 12 disposable parchment pouches and a recipe booklet.

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My concern is if they have discontinued this product..how long will they make those bags

for? It looks like a great grill and so simple and quick.

Has anybody here tried one before? I keep looking at it on QVC..but once again those

bags may be an issue as I don't believe you can use it without them

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They had these at Dillards this week for $24.98 on clearance... Almost got one but decided against it for the following reasons:

Looks like you can only cook 1 steak/fish piece/chicken piece at a time.... That would not make it quick, even at 6 min per steak for my family of 5


Needs those parchment papers = expensive and like the person said above, what if they quit making them.


It was a pretty bulky appliance,,,where to put it?


It will prob become obsolete soon.


... but i have never tried it so i may be way off base.

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  • 2 months later...

Just FYI 2 of us GD people have found them at Target one for $12.xx and one for $6.xx


They look interesting and for the price I thought I would give it a try.


You can also buy replacment bags on sunbeam.com, ebay and amazon


I may try to be industrious and just make my own out of parchment paper

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