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Gevalia.com ..Valentine Spa Basket ..90% off Reg:$79.95..Sale $9.99 Much More.


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These were the step I took. to found these items,I could not post the picture..(Sorry)


Product Search:Sale @ www.Gevalia.com


More ways to shop


Sale Item


Internet Special


Gift Basket Saving


Valentine's Items ~*~


Valentine's Spa Gift Basket For Him And Her


Item#15036 (Her Basket)




Save:90% off


Item#15037 (His Basket)






Pamper Your Partner:


Loving Cups Sampler Crate



Item:# 15038




Save:90% off


Bag of Chocolate (FREE)









Sweetheart Gift Set Valentine Present Chocolate Present


Item# 15074

(FREE Chocolate)



It's Boy,It a Girl Mug 16oz






Heart to Heart Coffee,Cake And Mug,Chocolate Heart Shaped Cake ...




Price:.1 cent (100% Saving):eyepoppin






15% off order of $50.00 (PER610) Expire 12/31/08


$5.95 any order(PER611)


Free Shipping over $40.00 (PER612)


Free Shipping Order over $35.00 (S4U104) Expire 3/30/08


$5.00 off any order (PER537)




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I almost got in on these prices....

when I was about to hit the confirm checkout - the website did a glitsch thing... when I got my new total it was $270 (not $40). When I went back to the pages - sure enough someone caught the error and corrected every thing.....


the robe gift basket is 69.99 now!

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Look at the price on the front page .the price had the reduced price still there..I were able to purchase 2 of each item listed...


Valentine Spa Gift Basket For his and her Basket from $9.95 to $64.95


Swetheart Gift Basket From $4.95 to $24.95


Loving cup sample crate still the same,they forgot to chance that one....

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Did anyone who managed to order hear anything....

I got my confirmation then a message from CS that morning saying I would hear in 12 hours.... that was 6 days ago.....

I have no way to check the order unless I call - which I am not sure is a good plan.... my charges are still pending on my cc

I am thinking that this was too good to be true...

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I got a nice letter in the mail yesterday from Gevalia. Apologizing that the order could not be filled as they had run out of the seasonal goods.:confused:

Considering they still selling the items that I had ordered on the website (at the higher price) they could have come up with a better excuse. However, I will give them credit for sending a letter to inform me.... better then the Kenneth Cole and others who just cancelled without any notice.

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I got my letter today saying the items have been discontinued . I called and had them check stock she said they have 39 of the sampler love crate. I then asked why I got the letter stating it was OFS. She said she could not see the reason and there were no notes on the account. I told her I know why it got cancelled (pricing mistake) but I would have appricated the letter telling me the truth, no one likes to be lied to. She is going to check into it and call me back. We will see if I get anywhere.
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I got this cup with a bear for a boy!!! and chocolate chip cookies came in today,I will be returning this mess,I did not ask this company to ship me a partial shipment,If they can not send me the whole thing ,I don't what anything else....How rude can that be....We need to send an e-mail everyone ....
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