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Walgreens Clearance Finds


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Okay hopefully this is okay, but I always see a ton of Walgreens threads, what if we just have one that has all the clearances we find in one thread. I know walgreens marks clearance often and I would love to know if there are some good clearances (as I am sure everyone else would too) so I know I should make a run out to Walgreens. I figure if we can post them here we would have it all in one place and know when it is updated.

Hope nobody minds :)

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Some Sunsilk at $1.19 at my Wags..it is the really light blue almost transluscent kind, also the Kotex with wings for $1.69 and some of the Excedrin with bonus 24 pack for $2.39, there are Qs out for almost all. I used the $1.50 off Sunsilk and the $2.00 of Kotex that came in the sample from signing up at Walgreens.com samples, and the $2.00 Excedrin Q for reallly cheap stuff..also some of the Dominos sugar (confectioners) on clearance for $1.09 for a pouch looking bag and some 4 pack of Energy drink (didn't get name) on clearance as well.
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Valentines items are 75% off. Not much candy left, but lots of stuffed animals,

stickers, pencils, boxed chocolates. Our Walgreens always has stuff marked

down. I go at least twice a week to see what they have. Last time I found

several carts of clearance items at the front of the store. There were kid

sunglasses for $0.39, Disney Princess watches for $1.99, Peanuts coloring

books for $0.25. I love Walgreens!

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