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After Valentine's Sales...


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think the stores will have these?


specifically walgreens, cvs, target, and walmart?


i'm thinking of using all the candy coupons that i've stocked up and hitting these stores if the valentine's candy goes 1/2 off.



and i guess this makes me cheap, but that candy will be split up among easter baskets...

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check the coupons, though. Unless your stores take expireds, most of them expire 2/14.


I must be lucky then.... mine expire:

2/20, 2/28, 3/15, 3/31, 4/13, 4/14, 4/30, 4/20, 5/10, and 8/31. :D


they cover the valentine hearts by DeMet's turtles, snickers, nestle, ghiradelli, m&m's, russel stover, dove, etc etc. no ferrer roche though. i got weak and used that before it went clearance :o

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Check grocery stores too.


I'm trying to say no, no, no to the candy...lol Of course Easter candy is starting to show up in the stores. :rolleyes:


lol i'm not going to let myself eat any... well. i might sneak one of those reeses easter egg candies. they're too good to say no to!


but i'm trying to get candy together because i'll be visiting the neighborhood kids and some other families dressed as the easter bunny. and i'm making a mini-basket for each child. well, one house has 7 kids :eyepoppin i'm making them a big group easter basket.

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I found Walgreens and grocery store after-holiday candy prices to be pretty high.

So I would check Target and Walmart first for the best prices. I do remember

Walgreens had a lot of cute pencils, notepads, etc. that would be nice fillers for

gooddy bags. I might check there for any bargains in a few days.

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The Walgreens I went to this morning had tons of plush animals for 50% off. A lot of them didn't have any Valentine reference on them at all.... maybe a good buy for those Easter baskets or to give to your local police department (I bought 5 just for this purpose).


Oh yea, I also stocked up on Dove Dark chocolate. I found Dove dark valentine hearts in the regular candy aisle. Maybe someone's stash????

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Kroger had candy 50% off. I bought some for Easter. I also bought DH a big chocolate chip cookie from the bakery for $2.99 (reg. $9.99) and then bought myself a dozen roses at Food Lion for $9.99!! (He had already bought me something for Valentine's Day.) I told DH that we should just wait every year and celebrate Valentine's Day on the 15th!
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I went to the Paper Outlet today and found some great deals. They are the same

as Party America, but usually a bit cheaper. Valentine's items were 75% off. So I

had my DD3 pick out party favors for her next birthday. I figured that whatever

theme she goes with, the Valentine's stuff can be ok for the goody bags.


We bought:


Set of 12 notepads $0.50

Set of 8 heart maze puzzles $0.50

Set of 24 tattoos $0.50

Tiny stampers in a round case $0.25

Small Stuffed animals (frogs, dogs, bears) $0.25

A little larger sized stuffed animals $0.50


I was pretty happy to get all this stuff, since all those little things for goody

bags seems to add up pretty quickly.

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