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Zune Home AV Kit - $27.08 Shipped! (Save $80.00!)


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Microsoft Zune Home AV Kit - Multimedia Player Kit - 9DW-00001




Amplify your Zune experience by plugging into your big-screen TV and the best speakers in your house. Once you are set up, you can control the entire experience from across the room with the wireless remote.




(You'll need a Zune, of course...)

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I love ours!!! Love the dock--and the cord allow us to hook one of the Zune's to the TV in dh's truck. Don't have to bring a bunch of DVDs... We had my Zune hooked into the stereo for dh and I. Two kids watched movies from ds's Zune, and our teenager had her ear buds in listening to her Zune. Awesome and pathetic at the same time, eh?
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No.... just joking. http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b399/Marcster2005/Smileypad/LOL/gigglegirl.gif


If I were one of my kids, I'd call you a butthead!!! You really had me thinking I was losing it. lol :tongue1:

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