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Disney's The Aristocats...any deals

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The two deals I saw in ads here in So CA were Best Buy and Target.


Best Buy:


buy Aristocats w/Snow Buddies, get both for $30 total + free pack of Disney Valentine's




buy Aristocats (think it was $19.99) get $5 gift card

same deal/same price for Snow Buddies.

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I just bought Snow Buddies from Target today and in order to get the $5.00 gift card you have to purchase both movies (Aristocats and Snow Buddies).

My walmart had a "price match" sign yesterday for them for $14.99 both Aristocats or Snow buddies I am not sure who they were "price matching"


They had an exclusive 2pk set of both Snow buddies and Aristocats together for $33.xx but we already own Aristicats



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