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Kohls Sale Starting Feb. 4th


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I was in Kohls today and saw post-it notes on TONS of clothing stands that read "Clearance 2-4". There were a lot of winter clothing stands with these post-its, and most of the employees were moving the 'clearance' merchandise around and condensing items. Since spring clothing was already being stocked on the floor, I'm assuming it means Kohls will be moving lots of winter stuff to the Clearance Sections.
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Went to Kohls today. Lots of juniors tops marked down 80% and 90%. I got:


one Juniors Union Bay top 90% off for $2.49

Derek Heart sundress 80% off $7.70

Apt. 9 sleeveless dress $8.80

sunglasses for $2.40 to $5.20. they rang up as Men's, but I am going to wear them.

Heavy men's sweatshirts (Croft & Barrow brand) were marked down to $10.20

Mens long-sleeve sueded tees and henleys $6


They still had lots of toddler boys and girls long-sleeve shirts for $2.00 and $3.00.

Toddler boys sweatpants for $3.00. Toddler girls knit pants for $2.00 or $3.00.

Some Yankee Candle jars marked down to $12 I think.

Soccer memo board $2


Women's coats still seemed pricey at 60% off. I was only going to buy one if I got

a great deal on one.

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I just spent 2 hours in Kohls I left with

2 pair of pants for me 16.00 for both

1 sweater 8.oo

1 pullover shirt 4.00

3 pair of mens shorts 3.49 each

a new Kitchen aid Roaster 11.00

2 new Kitchen aid cookie sheets 10.00

1 new Kitchen aid cake pan 7.00

For a grand total of 70 something and tehn I used gift cards from christmas and coupon for 15% off so I spent 5.47 .


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