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6 Qt Slow Cooker $21.99 AR @ lnt.com


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Linens n Things has the 6 Qt Slow Cooker for $21.99!




This 6 Qt slow Cooker has a removable, dishwasher safe stoneware insert and three temperature settings. The low heat setting gently simmers food for an extended period of time without overcooking or burning. No stirring is required when using this setting. Ideal for vegetable dishes and re-heating. The high heat setting is used when baking or cooking dried beans and will cook food in half the time required for the low setting; as food will boil when cooked on the high setting. Occasional stirring of stews and casseroles will improve the flavor distribution, food should be monitored when using the high setting, just like cooking in a pot with the lid on. The keep warm setting is for holding the prepared recipe at a perfect serving temperature. This setting should only be used after a recipe has been thoroughly cooked. If food has been refrigerated, it must be heated on low or high and then switched to keep warm. The glass lid and stoneware insert are dishwasher safe.


Add to cart for $39.99 - 20% Off Coupon 26620000008 (Ends 01/31) - $10 MIR (02/06) = $21.99 + Free In-Store Pickup

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