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Footlocker, Champs, Footaction F&F Sale 4/1-4/3


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I love these sales and they actually work.


Wait until the sale begins (Friday 4/1), print out the web site page and take it to your local store.


My local FL's have always accepted mine :) or you can order online but I prefer in store.

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Do you think they will have this sale again? I tried ordering 2 pairs of shoes, my sons wanted, but they wouldn't let me use the coupon for another 2 weeks. If you see any coupons in a few weeks, would you let me know. i would sure appreciate it.



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Ladygab - They have this sale at least quarterly. If you needed something sooner, you might want to try www.zappos.com. I've used them for a few things, and they are an excellent seller, and their prices are really good.
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