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Cheap Plastic Easter Eggs...Lots of them???

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how does 1000 Plastic Easter Eggs already filled with the little toys sound?


For $129 plus free shipping?


That's roughly 2000 pieces of Easter goodies, so about $0.07 each or $0.13 per FILLED egg.


Here's the website:





Egg Contents 2008 Link: http://www.plasticeastereggs.com/2008EasterEggContents.pdf

THANK YOU!!!! Our women's group in town always does an Easter Hunt. This is well under our budget. I love the fact that the eggs are filled by people with disabilities. I also love the fact that I don't have to fill the eggs:D THANK YOU AGAIN

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woo i'm glad it was useful. :)


i was thinking of ordering a batch too for a neighborhood easter egg hunt, but i don't know if we'll be able to hide 1000 eggs.


i'd love to know how everything turns out for everyone though. if you order can you post up a review?

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