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Im looking for a really good computer for as cheap as I can get it that has similar to the following specs


1-2 GB RAM, upgradable to 8

Intel dual core processor


Good video card

and other good specs, I dont need screen, or speakers, or an OS

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If you don't need an OS you're better off building something from scratch from a place like www.newegg.com. Why pay for an OS you aren't going to use?


No pre-fab computer is going to state that it will support 8GB of RAM. And most won't come with a video card period, much less a good video card (most pre-fab computers get buy with integrated graphics).


Most pre-fab computers are bundled with keyboards/mice, monitors, speakers, etc. unless you spec something out from www.dell.com, www.hp.com, etc.


Also, don't forget that even though the motherboard may support up to 8 GB of RAM, Windows 32-bit OSes will only support about 3.25 GB. Read this: http://www.vistaclues.com/reader-question-32-bit-vista-memory-limits/


You'll need a 64-bit version of Windows (Vista or XP Pro) or Linux to have any hopes of using 4 GB or more of RAM.

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Im from southeastern PA also, thats cool. I just need a computer that will run games now and I want to try to find really good deals, like refurbished, or dented, or other reasons why it would sell for less. Also, I would use an OS if it comes with it, but it wont be needed as I have a copy of XP Pro
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