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Wireless Wavebird controller


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They are available on Ebay, Amazon, and some other sites, but you're looking at anywhere from $39 to $99 for them (depending on new or used, one or two controllers). I know because I've been looking as well.


I found a Pelican brand wireless GameCube controller last night at the local Walmart...it was $19.99! Tried it out on my Wii and it works perfectly. So, if you don't care whether or not it's actually a Wavebird controller, check out Walmart. Good Luck!

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gosh guys... thats way too much. my gamestops always prices them wrong. ive seen them used for 14.99 (last week) and 17.99 around when the wii came out. Our TRU is so terrible in its video game section that it still has some at their original price of 34.99.
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