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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with Ionizer - Now $1.97 (Was $19.99) @ Sears.com


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Missed this one darn it!!! I hate living in the mountains with the snakes, spiders and mice! This would have made me feel better since I heard they really do work. Guess I'll have to buy some at full price,lol.


Got this pop-up:


This item is not available for purchase at this time

I think it is only eligible for pick-up or even delivery if there are any available in your local area?

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These are definitely bogus. None of them have ever shown that they could do ANYTHING in any test published in peer-reviewed literature. Here in Virginia, the state Attorney General in the 1970's barred some of these devices from sale in the state. That was when we had an AG interested in consumer protection. All of that died in the 1980's so as far as I know it's now back to "buyer beware" for ultrasonic pest control devices. Don't waste your money.
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