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Dale and Thomas Limited Edition Football Box $42 w/$20 GC


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Troy Aikman, Joe Buck & Chef Ed Football Box

Are YOU Ready… for February 3rd?

It’s time for Football and Popcorn!

Pre-Order our Limited Edition Football Box Today

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck... two football experts, teamed up with our own Chef Ed, the world’s first popcorn chef, and created two brand-new popcorn flavors that are perfect for watching the Big Game in Arizona. These hand-crafted flavors are the ultimate in popcorn perfection.


2 – foot-long bags of Troy Aikman’s Halftime Chili and Sour Cream Popcorn

2 – foot-long bags of Joe Buck’s Dark Fudge DrizzleCorn™ with Praline Almonds Popcorn

4 – foot-long bags of other Dale and Thomas’s popcorn flavors

A 9” diameter Limited Edition Collectible Glass Bowl

All in a handy Football Box...perfect for sharing, giving and collecting.



(8) foot-long bags of gourmet popcorn

Each bag serves 2-4 people

Limited Edition Collectible Glass Bowl measures 9" dia. x 4.25"h.

Free $20 Dale and Thomas Gift Card in every box

Free Gift Message

100% Guaranteed




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  • 2 weeks later...

EX115D1T = Gets you the football package for $35!

(says for email subcribers only, so not sure if it'll work for all)

so if anyone has those GC's still available.. its a great deal!!!!

Which coupon code did you use?

They probably used the one above that is in bold.:)

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I would get this if I could figure out where to put my GC on this link. Can't get to this deal through the website.

I'm not too sure. I just checked out the regular site and this offer isnt available on there.

I think its only if you use that link i posted.

If you want, try and call them and order over the phone.

They give you a $20 gift card with this order, so they may not let you use one in order

to purchase it. But its still worth a try. :)

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