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Barnes & Noble 40% OFF one item w/ MC, Expires 12/31


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I have a two kids books in the checkout but it keeps telling me it does not qualify. I read the info on the coupon...am I misisng something?

Did you enter a Mastercard for payment? It should take the 25% off the highest priced item in the cart, whether you have 1 or 50 items in there.

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Thank You so much, I'm a book adict but I went easy today, just bought 7 books for about 35, saved 11 with coupon, and free shipping, I got a new birding book I've wanted. For those of you who really love books check out their bargain books alot of them are 50-90% off, I got 4 books for $1.99. I really have to stop shopping!:)
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I just ordered the Star Wars Vault for my son who is a Star Wars fanatic. It came to just over $25, so I got the free shipping as well.


Check out the after Holiday Warehouse sale, lots of good deals.


I highly recommend the Weber's Real Grilling cookbook, it is our favorite. Only $5.98!

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