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Has anybody's kids asked for something for next year?


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This morning my dd11 called me from my mom's and said next year she wants a Wii for Christmas. My cousins from NY are visiting and brought theirs with them. She said it connects to the internet and she wants to be able to do that from her own TV in her room so I guess she has already started a list for next year. Since she only has a 13" TV, I think that next year will be a bigger TV and Wii if finances are o.k. unless she gets Wii for birthday in March.
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No suggestions for NEXT year yet, Actually we might skip Christmas gifts next year and do the whole donating our time and money next year. Dh and I have been tossing the idea around and my kids will be 10,7 and 5 and really at the age where they can learn an important lesson from it. They'd of course still get Santa gifts for being such great kids :)


My kids have bdays in March so I'm sure I'll start getting those list as soon as the newness wears off of their Christmas items :)

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