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Canon PowerShot A720IS digital camera?


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Wondering if anyone has seen this camera on sale anywhere? Or if there were any coupons for B&M stores/codes for online purchase? This was to be a gift from DH to me for Christmas. I refused to buy without a discount! LOL


It is just under $200 at Amazon, BuyDig, Dell, NEwEgg, etc. Any suggestions?

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$10 off when you use Google Checkout

New Google checkout users only.

They have your camera for: $201.29 & Free Ship

Then use this link: HERE (fyi, says this coupon ends 12/31)

It should bring up the affiliate coupon from GottaDeal and give you $10 Off $200.

I honestly don't know if both the affiliate coupon & the Google Checkout can work together, but if they do, you end up paying just $181.29


Still looking





Link to camera: HErE


Their price: $220.95

10% Off any non-sale item, code: GOTTADEAL

Should cost $198.86 (I don't know how much their shipping is or if it is free)

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Okay, I looked High & Low, just about everywhere I could think of trying to combine coupons, as I couldn't find it really 'on sale'. I would give the first online store (buy.com) a shot first and see if you can use the coupon code & the Google Checkout together, it brings the price down to a bit bearable one.


Good luck!

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I really appreciate your input! I am going to stay away from Buy.com due to a bad experience with a different purchase (sounds like others have had issues as well...)


Circuit City is an option, it sucks that online is OOS. Only store in NH/VT that has this camera in stock is in Manchester, a one way drive of just over an hour. Will try to convince DH to take a family road trip on Saturday.


OR, does Staples, Best Buy, Radio Shack or Walmart price match if I brought in the print out of the $199.99 price and available for in store pick up?

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I've always had both Best Buy AND Circuit City price match for me without me having to print anything. At both stores they just quickly log onto the Internet and say, oh yes, they have it for that price, okay, we'll match that.


Sears actually calls the store and verifies the item is in stock. Another reason I don't like Sears... they could just as easily verify the price online without being put on hold for 15 min at another store. I don't mind them verifying the item is in stock, I just hate having to stand next to an associate staring into space while he's on the phone for on hold for 15 min listening to music.


I think Best Buy didn't have this camera in store, though.


If Radio Shack or Staples have the camera in store, it is a good chance they will price match based on just seeing the ad you printed.



Hey! I just checked amazon! They have it for $195.65 right now. Cheaper to buy it from them than to pay for gas for a 2 hour drive!

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