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All Christmas 75% off at Garden Ridge

Dena Neal

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I just stopped @ Garden Ridge tonight. The commercial on TV said 25-75% on all Christmas -- but when I got to the store -- they had all of their Christmas 75% off. The lights were a great deal. The LED lights that are 12.99 were 3.24!!! I also got a Jeff Gordon ornament collectors set for $2.50 for my neice. There were lots of ornaments, lights, trees, candles, etc. (Some very pretty pre-lit trees for $50!!) :D:D:D
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mine was onnly 50, but still glad i went b/c they were getting picked thru quickly.

they had a good selection of the nice, thick printed boxes (not shirt boxes, but the other kind htat you can wrap in), and had a nice set of 20 gift bags- the decorated kind, pop out pieces, garland, etc for 4.99

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