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Disney Store Returns/Exchanges


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I just have to tell everyone about my wonderful experience at The Disney Store today!

My FIL sent my kids PJ Pals...both in the wrong sizes. Even though we didn't have a gift receipt, we didn't get a hassle. Just lots of good old-fashioned customer service! The clerk even gave us a 15% coupon for a purchase (in Jan) - and we didn't even spend any money!! :)


Kudos to The Disney Store. They definitely made our shopping trip easy today!

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Stores will usually not give you a hassell for a size adjustment, if it's obvious that the clothing came from that particular store. I had a similar experience @ k-mart of all places. I bought DW a couple of Joe Boxer PJ Sets from K-Mart and had to return them for size. No hassell's from the counterclerks and the girls just let me switch them out without me pulling out my reciept. DW was happy, which meant Scanner was happy!! :)
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