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Lowes 50% off All Christmas Decor This morning 12-17 !


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I stopped by this morning, not a lot left at mine, either. Misc. ornaments, not much for light strings or anything else I wanted. Price was just lowered from 25% off to 50% off, so the really good stuff had been gone through previously.


Did buy a package of normal package bows, though, as the ones I had from last year have gotten 'smunched' and aren't really presentable...


HOWEVER, they did have all their flower bulbs for $.50 a package. Any bulbs they had in stock. Tulips, daffodils, crocus, etc., etc. Whether they were originally $12 or $3, any bag for $.50. Couldn't say no, I love springtime flowers.

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I got 3 neon lighted 6' palm trees ($25) 2-- 60"snowmen animated juggling snowballs ($30) bunch of the cords and stuff. I almost got the blow up santa under a palm but decided not to. I'm not to keen on blow up's. I almost got the ferrish wheel as well but I figured that the wind would keep knocking it over and kill it.


Stopped by our big lots and they went 50% today too. Go to sets of lighted penguins for $15 a set and 2 animated bucks for $6! Not much else.


Good day over all for me!

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